Starfield: All News Stories for A Light in the Darkness

Starfield’s news network, SSNN, is hungry for stories, and players are full of them. Tracking them down can be tricky without a guide though.


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Starfield’s universe has its own news network, the Settled Systems News Network (SSNN), which is constantly putting out stories about the interesting goings on around the galaxy. Players can be a part of this network, helping them report on the biggest news from around the settled systems, but it’s difficult to know what’s newsworthy.

The SSNN will contact players pretty soon after they start a playthrough in Starfield, triggering a quest that’s well worth investing time in. The only issue is knowing what stories will progress the quest. In this guide, we’ve outlined every newsworthy story the player can deliver to the SSNN to help complete the A Light in the Darkness quest and earn some serious Credits in the process.

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All News Stories for the A Light in the Darkness Quest in Starfield

Below, we’ve outlined every news story players can bring to SSNN to earn XP and Credits. The first two are part of the quest itself, so all players will get that news, but subsequent entries are different quests players will need to seek out if they want to progress A Light in the Darkness.

*** This guide is in progress and will be added to as we locate more news stories for the quest. ***

The Attack on the Mining Outpost by Crimson Fleet Pirates

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This is the main news story that SSNN contacts players about to trigger the quest. Players are able to give as much or as little information as they want. We revealed everything about Constellation, and there didn’t seem to be any adverse effects.

Stories From the Well

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After starting the A Light in the Darkness Quest, players will be tasked with interviewing three vendors in the Well for a story. This is extremely straightforward, with a quest marker provided for all three points of interest. Once players have interviewed the vendors and reported back to SSNN, they’ll need to start looking for news stories elsewhere.

The Bank Robbery in Akila City

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The first time that players venture to Akila City, they’ll be roped into a bank robbery that’s gone wrong. After resolving this by either persuading the robbers to leave or killing them, completing the Job Gone Wrong quest in the process, they’ll have a newsworthy story that SSNN is very interested in hearing. We told SSNN that the Freestar Rangers handled the situation well and that we talked the robbers down from escalating the situation further.

How to Start A Light in the Darkness in Starfield

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To start the A Light in the Darkness quest in Starfield, players need to work through the first 2 hours or so of the game’s main story. They must find the artifact, head to New Atlantis, and meet members of Constellation. Then, when they return to their ship, the intern for SSNN will flag them down at the Starport and ask them to head to the SSNN building to tell their story about what happened at the mine they were working in.

When players visit the SSNN building, they’ll be able to give details about what happened when the Crimson Fleet attacked the mining outpost where the game’s story started. They can take on the A Light in the Darkness quest from there.

This quest starts out with players being sent into the Well to speak to vendors there for a story. Then, the quest will go cold and ask players to find more news to share with SSNN unless they’ve already found it while exploring the galaxy. News stories will populate automatically as players acquire them, so they’ll know if they have them.