Starfield Player Turns Starship Into Massive Flying Pistol

Some players want incredibly stylish ships in Starfield, but this one decided they should make one that sends the right message.


mage via Reddit

Starfield offers players a huge amount of freedom in almost every area of the game. They can create whatever type of character they want, whether it suits their play style or not, and craft new weapons and spacesuits. It’s even possible to manufacture a custom ship.

One player has taken ship customization to a new level with their starship, setting a precedent for every encounter as soon as they Grav Jump to a system. It’s shaped like a colossal flying pistol and obliterates anything it encounters.

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A Starfield Player Has Created A Giant Flying Handgun Using Ship Customization

Starfield players have been experimenting with ship customization since the game’s early access launch. They’ve made some really interesting ships that look like in-game manufacturers might have even created them. However, one ship shared on the Starfield Subreddit today takes the biscuit because it’s just a flying pistol.

Starfield fans don’t look for believability in their ships, but even this one has surprised the community. They’ve embraced the pistol ship with open arms, even if they know it makes no sense aerodynamically or in another way. “This is so stupid. I love it!” Some players want the Mantis ship so they can be legendary bounty hunters, and some just want to fly in a giant handgun.

Making a ship that looks like this isn’t easy by any means. The ship customization mechanic can be complex, but once players have immersed themselves in it, they can create anything they want, as this Reddit post demonstrates. Fans realize that Bethesda must have known there would be some silly builds in this game, but everyone sees that this one goes quite far. “I know people at Bethesda are seeing this shit and falling out of chairs.”

Something that makes this ship look even more iconic is Starfield’s photo mode. There are a plethora of options for players to take advantage of when trying to capture the perfect image of their ship, including postcard marks to flavor the foreground a little more. “That first picture is < chef’s kiss >. It’s even got the correct orientation.”