Starfield x Lofi Girl Release Stellar Remixed Game Soundtrack

It’s official, Starfield’s Lofi Girl has arrived!

Image via Bethesda

Just about everyone who’s gamed at one point in their lives can recall a catchy tune or a memorable music video that they’ve seen either in-game or on the web. Browsing YouTube will show you how popular and nostalgic many gaming tracks are, dating all the way back to the NES and Master System. It’s always a great way to begin or end your day with a certain song from a game you love playing in your ear.

In this case, Bethesda has entered the chat with its own take on the Lofi Girl craze. They’ve remixed the soundtrack of their recent hit title, Starfield, for those who are looking for something to listen to as they relax and/or study. Starfield’s soundtrack has definitely entered the memorable category, and there are already a few songs stuck in our heads, even just a few weeks after release. It’s good to know that the dev team is doubling down on this aspect.

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But Are The Beats Chill?

Earlier today, Bethesda posted on their official Twitter the brand-new Starfield Lofi Girl YouTube video. The million-dollar question would be whether or not the remixed track is good or even listenable. The immediate answer to that question is a resounding yes! Bethesda has successfully converted its amazing soundtrack into a Lofi masterpiece.

The reception so far has been very positive, with a few commenters even asking for a Spotify version to take on the go with them. It would indeed be great if we could commute to work or school with these amazing jams ringing in our ears, so here’s hoping that request is taken into consideration. The whole Lofi Girl trend has been great for the music scene as a whole, as we’ve seen many different takes on the concept, with jazz, hip-hop, and even Will Smith having a go at it. Maybe an Elder Scrolls Lofi Girl is something they’ll consider as well.

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It’s good to see that Bethesda is still supporting the game in unique ways, even after its launch. There’s so much that can be done with this IP, and we feel that they’ve only scratched the surface. Perhaps in the future, they’ll make an effort to give us a live performance similar to Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV Eorzean Symphony. We’re sure the fans would appreciate the potential combination of popular Starfield and Elder Scrolls music.