Stellaris’ Aquatics Species Pack arrives today, bringing a new Trait, Ascension perk, and more

The free Herbert update also brings improvements to the base game.

Image via Paradox Interactive

Today, developer Paradox Interactive has released the new Aquatics Species Pack for Stellaris, which introduces a host of content to the 4X strategy game. It’s a premium add-on, but there’s also a free update called Herbert available.

The Aquatics Species Pack introduces the Aquatic species Trait, which grants production and habitability bonuses on Ocean worlds. However, it also applies a penalty for dwelling on planets covered in water. Alongside the Trait, there’s a new Civic that allows players to produce Angler and Pearl Diver jobs.

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It also brings two new Origins: Here Be Dragons and Ocean Paradise. Here Be Dragons sees players start in a system under the protection of the Sky Dragon, so long as they keep it happy. Meanwhile, Ocean Paradise begins on a large water planet with bountiful food and bonuses for production, happiness, and population growth.

Finally, there is a new Ascension Perk called Hydrocentric that allows players to use the Expand Planetary Sea decision on Ocean planets, while anyone who has the Apocalypse DLC can unlock the Deluge Colossus Weapon. Elsewhere, the free Herbert patch improves the Humanoids Species Pack by adding the Pompous Purists Civic. It also adds an upgraded ship browser, more anomaly variety, and changes to AI behavior.