Step aside, Bunny Hopping and G-Walking — Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 players are now C-Hopping

There’s a new way of hopping into combat now.

Image via Activision

Bunny Hopping and G-Walking have been part of Call of Duty’s arsenal since players needed an edge in combat. Both of these moves will require exploiting the range of your existing movement options to get a better position or run away from enemies. The recent discovery of C-Hopping will add another movement option to a player’s moveset, giving them more advantages if they can pull it off.

C-Hopping involves getting inside a vehicle and driving around to build speed. Once you have gained enough momentum, lower the window of the vehicle, then jump out of the vehicle and ready your weapon. The force from leaving the vehicle will propel you a considerable distance, and you are able to crouch or move shortly after leaving the vehicle. Here is a tutorial of the move in action.

Unlike Bunny Hopping or G-Walking, you can’t perform C-Hopping without a vehicle. You must also drive to any conflicts for C-Hopping to have any value, since it’s a move that is designed to get you ready for combat after exiting the vehicle. You also have to think about where you will land, since the force can throw you into an unintended destination. This is not a move that can be used repeatedly, unless you are close to a vehicle. Even then, you need to build speed in order to generate momentum for the move.

Fortunately, the benefit of C-Hopping is that it can throw you behind cover, preventing other players from getting a good shot at you. Since you arrived by vehicle and have a rough idea of where the enemies are located, you can quickly reposition behind cover and start attacking right away. It also doesn’t take as much practice to learn as the other movement options, letting you perform this move once you know how to exit a vehicle.

Like everything else in Call of Duty, you will need practice in order to get the basics down. You are going to fling yourself into a bad position, or exit the vehicle normally and get shot at during the process. But if you manage to perfect the move, you will be able to get into firefights and position yourself effectively. Combined with Bunny Hopping and/or G-Walking, you will have enough advantages to keep yourself alive in the middle of a firefight.

If you aren’t interested in C-Hopping or vehicles aren’t your favorite, you can ignore this entirely. But it never hurts to add a new move to your arsenal. You never know when you need to exit a vehicle quickly, or how to quickly get behind cover when you arrive at a fight.