How To Unlock Ghoulie Camo In Modern Warfare 2 & Warzone

The Ghoulie Camo in Modern Warfare 2 & Warzone will have you collecting Souls, and we’ve figured out a quick way to grind them.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty’s surprisingly cool Ghoulie camo is all the rage right now. Unlocking it in Modern Warfare 2 is not only free, but it’s also quite easy as long as you know how to take advantage of the Soul Capture event’s rewards system.

There’s not a whole lot to picking up the excellent animated camo, but you’re going to need to collect a lot of Souls during The Haunting event in Call of Duty. I’ve figured out some reliable ways to make good progress, and while it might not be the quickest reward you’ve ever snagged in your life, it’s certainly worth the effort. Here is what you need to know about how to unlock the Ghoulie Camo in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone.

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How to Unlock Ghoulie Camo in MW2 & Warzone

Screenshot by Gamepur.

To unlock the Ghoulie Camo in MW2 and Warzone, all you have to do is collect 1000 Souls over the course of a two-week period ending on November 6, but that’s easier said than done if you go in blindly. If you’ve played Call of Duty at all in the last few weeks then you’ll probably already have a chunk of progress made in the Soul Capture event whether you intended to or not. Before we get started, check your progress under The Haunting tab to know how much ground you’ll need to cover.

I’ve collected 77 Souls on my alt account, which puts me about two games from having the first tenth complete. This was all incidental, so we can significantly pick up the pace with careful planning.

Fastest Method to Unlock Ghoulie Camo in MW2 & Warzone

Screenshot by Gamepur

Strangely enough, grinding out Modern Warfare 2 Team Deathmatch or Kill Confirmed lobbies is the way to go for the remainder of the event.

After Infinity Ward increased the drop volume and match limit for Souls, playing longer objective-based game modes will absolutely slow you down. Assuming you grabbed all 18 Souls every game, it would take you 56 matches to from 0 to 1000.

In-game screenshot of the Souls players can collect during Call of Duty's The Haunting.
Screenshot by Gamepur

You can collect 18 Souls per game in TDM and all you have to do to get them is collect a kill against each unique opponent on the enemy team. This is capped off to be 3 Souls per person, and will not be replenished if someone leaves and a new person joins the fray.

For my fellow Ranked Play grinders, I’m sad to inform you that there’s no avenue for us. Souls don’t drop in Ranked, so you’ll have to go the Public Match route like everyone else.

Image via Activision

If you don’t have MW2 and you need to get things done on the Warzone side, Resurgence seemed like the fastest option to me. Battle Royale matches are too long to justify the work you have to put in to get Souls in the first place. Play some Resurgence Rotation and hang around the more populated POIs.

You may have better luck farming the NPCs in DMZ than I did, but prior to the buff, that wasn’t getting me very far at all. Also, you carry the added risk of losing your uninsured items, so it’s generally more risky all the way around.

Unlocking Ghoulie camo is still a lot of work no matter how you slice it, but you have until November 6 to get there. Playing 4 complete matches (where you grab all the available Souls) every day until the end of the event will get you across the finish line with no problem.