Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Player Discovers Elden Ring Easter Egg

Story of Season: A Wonderful Life is a deep game players can lose dozens of hours to, but no one expect it to hold an Elden Ring reference.

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Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life is a slice-of-life farming simulator that invites players to invest tens of hours in building up a farm and life for themselves for years of in-game time. However, while fans of the franchise know each game has secrets to be found, some players are surprised by the sorts of things they’re finding.

One easter egg that fans have recently picked up is an Elden Ring reference. This has been shared on the Story of Seasons Subreddit, where players have broken down what the reference is and how to unlock it.

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Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Players Dive Into Fishing for an Elden Ring Reference

There are several activities for players to invest their time in with Story of Season: A Wonderful Life, but one of the most relaxing is fishing. A recent discovery on the Story of Seasons Subreddit has uncovered a prestigious reward that only the most hardcore fishing fans will be able to obtain.

The reference is a sword that players can get while fishing. The dialogue from Tei that they see once the sword is found reads, “You don’t have the right. O, you don’t have the right!” This is a reference to one of the most common player messages that are shared a lot in Elden Ring because the parts of the phrase are the easiest to pull together.

Story of Seasons fans in the comments are extremely excited to find an Elden Ring reference in the game. One fan wrote, “Holy sh*t confirmed soulsborne x farming sim fans within Marvelous I love this!” While the sword is purely decorative and will only sit on a shelf in the player’s house once obtained, it’s the prestige that comes with getting it that players are after. While having hundreds of hours in the title on their Nintendo Online account might be impressive, this sword appears to be more so.

To get the sword, players must unlock the Blessed Fishing Rod, which can only be unlocked in the fourth year of a playthrough. In addition to that, players must complete a specific task for one of the characters and level up their relationship with them to almost 100%. That might sound like too much of an undertaking to most people, but for Story of Seasons fans, this sort of challenge is something to revel in.