Streamlabs launches Willow to collate your content and monetization into one place

The service is free, but a Pro version is also available.


Image via Streamlabs

Live streaming giant Streamlabs has announced a new social media tool called Willow, designed to help bring together the portfolio of content creators into one place while providing an easy outlet for monetization.

The service, available to use from today, allows anyone who creates their own content to place links to each outlet for their work onto an easy-to-use landing page similar to increasingly popular LinkTree. The page can then be customized to improve discoverability where desired and styled to the user’s liking via several available themes. It also includes analytics that will provide data on how much interaction each link is receiving across your landing page.

The new platform is free to use, with a selection of themes available at no cost. It also does not require you to link your apps within your portfolio to Willow. Instead, it works by simply adding your desired link to the location you want to direct people. However, you can link your PayPal to the service as a direct way to receive tips from people visiting your Willow page.

A pro version will allow you to choose from more themes and comes with more advanced analytics for $5 per month. The pro service will also be included for any subscribers of Streamlabs Prime.

Image via Streamlabs/Willow

Willow will rival Linktree, a similar tool that can bring together links from other areas of social media and content creation. The major benefit of the services by Streamlabs is that everything is integrated into one ecosystem while providing an easy link to tips from fans.

However, the features for Willow currently don’t seem to be nearly as extensive as those offered by LinkTree, whose pro service includes a host of extra features for just $1 extra per month. These including active video links and scheduling, more customization options, and integration with a host of services that help with web services, such as Mailchimp and Amazon. Generated QR codes to your page are also available for free with LinkTree’s service.

Whether you want to use Willow over it will be down to how much you value the convenience that Streamlabs offers.