Is Streamlabs Prime worth the price?

It’s a big investment, but it could work for you.


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As more people enter the world of streaming their games, crafting, and ideas online, programs like Streamlabs OBS become a vital tool to bring what they want to fruition. The software offers several features that make streaming fun and free, but it also comes with its prime service option.

Streamlabs Prime is a premium subscription-based service within Streamlabs OBS that brings added functionality and additional expansion options to the platform. If you are someone who is streaming regularly or even just starting, it can give you a kick start.

With huge names in Twitch streaming having advertised for the service, including TimTheTatman and Pokimane, it’s easy to see the appeal for it. However, while all of the features open up, it’s difficult to know whether they can bring value to your streaming experience. Here, we’ll try to break down what value it can get for you.

What’s included in Streamlabs Prime?

With an active Streamlabs Prime subscription, you will have access to many sections that are otherwise locked behind the paywall. However, while they all have their uses, some are more valuable depending on your usage. The main features include:

Stream and Alert Box Themes and Overlays

A huge number of overlays are available to add to your channel at the click of a button. These include animated elements or transitions, and many themed scenes that mean you can switch up the look of your stream depending on the occasion.

This will likely have the biggest appeal for most potential subscribers as there’s a huge amount of choice here, especially if you like to refresh the look of your broadcast regularly.

That said, there are plenty of good quality free options, and you can import overlays from outside of the software should you be looking to add a custom made set.

Themes for alerts that can match the overlays are available. While not essential, it’s a nice option to have the alerts to match your overlays.

Multistream to other platforms

Streamlabs Restream
Images via Streamlabs/Twitch/Youtube/Facebook

Multistreaming will enable you to stream to more than one platform at a time by simply connecting it to your broadcast software. While this is a good feature to have early on, if you sign up to becoming a partner or affiliate with any platform, you are typically agreeing to make your streams exclusive to that provider, rending the option moot.

It’s also possible to do it without Prime using, which also supports external platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter. 

If you’re looking specifically for multistreaming features, Restream is likely to be a better long term option.

App Store access and premium merch options

Many apps can be added to your profile from the store after accessing Prime. These include music services that will allow you to play royalty-free tunes without fear of a DMCA strike, apps to help with chat engagement, and others to help with finding sponsorship deals, among others. There are also expanded options for merchandising your streams.

While it’s convenient to have all of these things in one place, they can all be done elsewhere and for free, and merch isn’t that relevant until you have an audience to purchase it.

Mobile Deck App and streaming access

Image via Elgato

The Streamlabs streaming deck app will be opened up to you, meaning that any mobile device can be used as an alternative to a physical deck for streaming. The streaming app will also include premium features, such as the multistreaming and themes specifically for mobile, while also removing the Streamlabs watermark.

Similarly to the app store, the convenience of having these features in one place is the appeal here. There are plenty of free, alternative options to the stream deck app, including Touch Portal and Elgato’s Mobile stream deck app, while the mobile Twitch App itself can stream on mobile. Other remote services, such as OBS Ninja, can act as a mobile camera for streaming, too, while your desktop streaming platform can continue.

Extra features

There are plenty of smaller features available to aid your experience, such as a sound library for DMCA-free effects for use, online storage to keep your files secure should anything happen to your setup, and Lucra, a monetization option for hosting virtual events on your channel. There is also the ability to customize elements of the client, such as giving your Cloudbot a name of your choosing or a panel making tool, and a loyalty program that can offer you rewards and enter into prize draws.

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VIP support is also there to get any help that you need quickly from the developers.

The value of Streamlabs Prime

Photo courtesy of Twitch
Image via Twitch

The price options of Streamlabs Prime are broken down into two options. The service’s monthly subscription is available for $19.99 per month, but you can purchase a year’s subscription for $149, which equates to $12.42 per month.

Whether this is worth the price is how much you value the convenience that the Prime service offers, bringing everything together.

Almost all of the features that come with Prime can be offered elsewhere for a free or reduced cost. The VIP support and the loyalty options are the only things Streamlabs can provide that you generally can’t get for their service. The former can generally be found elsewhere, too, with the help of searching online.

The decision then comes down to how much you value the convenience of having everything in one place. While there are unlocked elements that can be used elsewhere, such as the alerts options, you are also generally going to be stuck within the Streamlabs ecosystem.

This means that if you want to switch to trying OBS Studio, for example, you’re likely going to need to start again in many of these aspects. There are also reasons to use OBS Studio over Streamlabs OBS in the long term, including being more flexible with software. Streamlabs OBS, for example, doesn’t support plug-ins, and primary features usually take time to transfer to the platform.

However, if you use Streamlabs OBS and are happy with the platform, it’s worth considering trying the service for one month and evaluate your options after the month. There is no trial offer for the service, but it does see discounts during holiday seasons, and more features are continually being added. If you feel it adds value to your streaming experience, then consider a longer-term subscription to get the most value out of your money.