Stunning stop-motion Cuphead fan film wows developer

The film was created using official toys from the game.

Cuphead Stop Motion Casino

Screengrab via Davy Productions

It’s not often that a game that has been masterfully crafted in the way Cuphead has, with its unique blend of early era cartoon art and animation, to go with it’s very tight and robust gameplay. But the same can be said for animated films too, so when this fan film depicting a story of Cuphead came along, it’s no wonder the game’s creators Studio MDHR stopped and took notice.

The short two-minute film comes from Youtuber Davy Productions, who created the film using stop motion animation with the models that were released by McFarlane toys.

The film is called Casino Chaos, a further nod to the game’s level naming convention, and sees Cuphead and his sidekick Mugman “transverse into the Devil’s Casino and made a bet with the Devil in exchange of all the riches they can imagine, at the cost of their souls. Stricken with the stress of their souls on the line, they must fight to save their souls from the Devil himself!”

The description confirms that it took the creator four months to complete. The movie was made up mostly of time editing the piece together with the sound effects.

Studio MDHR saw the production and were understandably happy to see that passion and effort put into the project.

Passion projects such as these are small things that bring developers a lot of joy because it means that their hard work has been appreciated by the fans, especially in this instance, because of the complexities of creating stop motion animation. With Davy Productions now looking to a new project, we might be seeing more of its creations in the future.