Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League will have its world premiere at The Game Awards

More information is coming very soon.

Image via Warner Bros.

Rocksteady Studios announced Wednesday that Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League will be at The Game Awards on December 9. The official Game Awards Twitter account stated the game’s “world premiere” would be broadcast during the event.

The announcement was accompanied by a GIF depicting the game’s protagonists preparing to dive off of a building, presumably right into some violent action. “Me and the [Rocksteady games] squad are getting ready to dive into the [The Game Awards]. Can’t wait to share the mayhem with you all,” wrote the game’s creative director, Sefton Hill, on Twitter.

Given that Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League was first revealed over a year ago, the “world premiere” phrasing seems to suggest that we could see gameplay of the upcoming DC title for the first time. Rocksteady has only released cinematic trailers for the game since its announcement. The game is currently slated for a 2022 launch, so it’s possible a more specific launch window — or even a specific launch date — could be in the cards as well.

The game will star Suicide Squad familiars Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, and King Shark as they seek to carry out Amanda Waller’s most daunting mission yet: Assassinating the Justice League, all of whom have been brainwashed. The game will also be set in the same universe as the Batman: Arkham games. Details on the gameplay are a bit fuzzy, as none has been shown off yet, but it seems like that could change at The Game Awards.