Sunset Overdrive PC Version Rated By The Korean Board

Sunset Overdrive is one of the very few Xbox One games that have not been shipped yet to the PC platform, and this is really something that only Microsoft can “fix” considering it is the owner of the IP.

At any rate, it looks like something is happening right now as the Insomniac Games-developed action adventure has been spotted among the ratings of the Korean board, which is usually a pretty reliable source for the incoming releases.

Sunset Overdrive PC Version Rated By The Korean Board

It’s a rather weird timing for the game to actually launch on PC. Sunset Overdrive was originally published in 2014, as said exclusively on Xbox One, and we’re just a few months from the latest Insomniac title, the PS4 exclusive Spider-Man.

So, we don’t know whether there’s a plan to contrast Sony with this move or not, but sure enough it’s curious that something with this huge amount of demand only comes together with the release of Spider-Man.

Of course, we don’t expect the developer to have a part in this, as they already made it clear that they don’t are involved in the project anymore when someone asked them in a recent Q&A about an Xbox One X enhancement for the game.

We’ll see if we’ll learn more about this at the upcoming E3 2018.