Super-charged Super Mario Party update adds online play

Four individual players are supported, and two can be hosted on the same Switch.


Image via Nintendo’s YouTube

Nintendo has announced a brand new update for Super Mario Party is available now, adding online play, allowing anyone to play a game together with up to three others. Nibel initially picked up the news on Twitter, who posted an image with Japanese text explaining that the online update would add 70 minigames and an online 2 vs 2 mode. Shortly after, Nintendo chimed in with its official announcement.

Multiplayer functionality allows four individual players across four consoles to play together online. However, it’s also possible for two players to be hosted on a single Nintendo Switch, as long as each player has a compatible controller. All accounts playing the game also require a Nintendo Online subscription to play Super Mario Party with others using the new feature.

In addition to the online multiplayer functionality, the update adds “80 all-new minigames” for players to try out across all of the base game’s modes. You can try them with friends and family at home or search for a multiplayer match online and enjoy them with other players looking for a more challenging game.

The FAQ page for the game has been updated alongside the online features. It outlines that all players must be using the same version of Super Mario Party before they can play online and that your personal save data will still be available once the update has been applied.