Super Mario Bros. movie ads show that Bob-omb Battlefield and Sand Kingdom will appear

Shades of 64 and Odyssey.

Image via Illumination

Two memorable levels from past 3D Super Mario games will appear in The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Both Bob-omb Battlefield from Super Mario 64 and the Desert Kingdom from Super Mario Odyssey make an appearance in a new short advertisement for the movie, although it seems that these locations are being thrown in as just a quick nod to the games that will only have a few seconds of screen time.

The below images are taken directly from the short trailer, showing Mario exploring the Mushroom Kingdom alongside Princess Peach and Toad. We have seen them on this journey before, with the characters walking across a bridge of Cheep Cheeps bouncing up and getting stuck on Mario’s face. It is likely that this is a part of the section of the movie where Mario is getting a tour of the area.

Image via Illumination
Image via Illumination

While these two spots are definitely instantly recognizable, there are differences from the games. In Bob-omb Battlefield, we can see the cannon you start by, the floating island, and the small bridge that leads up to a hill, but there is no Chain Chomp here, and while the game has mountains, we don’t see any hint of King Bob-omb on top of any of them (although the footage is blurry enough we could be convinced he is on the far left).

As for the Sand Kingdom, there are three floating pyramids instead of the one in Super Mario Odyssey, and no sign of Tostarena Town. None of the purple poison gunk appears, but this place seems just as wide and barren as in the game.

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While they almost definitely have no impact on the movie, we love seeing this kind of fan service. Super Mario 64 was revolutionary for 3D platformers when it was released and remains a favorite for speedrunners and 90s kids today. Super Mario Odyssey is the latest Mario adventure as of now, and some consider it to be the best game in the series. It would be really cool if we saw the trio jump through a painting to explore these areas as an additional nod to Super Mario 64.