All Easter eggs on the Super Mario Bros. Plumbing website

You can find plenty of fun references here.

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As part of the marketing campaign for the Super Mario Bros. movie, the team released an excellent commercial that sees the two brothers hard at work before they enter the Mushroom Kingdom. Alongside that video, a website was launched for the Brooklyn plumbers’ business. There is no shortage of references that long-time gamers should notice. Here are all of the Easter eggs you can find on the Super Mario Bros. Plumbing website.

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All Easter eggs and references on the Super Mario Bros. Movie Plumbing website

The commercial features nods to an old show

Right off the bat, the first thing you will likely see when you go to the Super Mario Bros. Plumbing website is the commercial likely made by the brothers for their new business. The song included here is directly pulled from the late-80s cartoon series The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Additionally, the woman who is seen in this video is largely believed to be the voice of Jeannie Elias, the voice of Peach, at the time merely referred to as Princess Toadstool.

Also included in this commercial is a map with references to Nintendo’s past in the street names. Link St., Punch Out, and Hanafuda Ave reference their past games, with Hanafuda cards being the first game Nintendo ever made and still making to this day.

Noticeable references in the layout

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There are quite a few small Easter eggs you can see in the layout of the home page here.

  • The cursor is turned into a white glove like the brothers wear
  • Clicking on the red wrench in the top right corner of the page will play the Nintendo GameCube start-up jingle
  • Clicking the green plunger “Certified Super!” icon will play the Super Mushroom sound of Mario growing
  • Clicking on the “As Seen on TV” icon will play the Mario Kart race start sound
  • Clicking the manhole beneath the van will take you to a new poster for the movie featuring Bowser and Kamek
  • In the About Us section, if you click the 24/7 Emergency Service button, a distorted jumping sound is played
  • If you click the broken image in the Testimonials section, you are taken to a 404 page with three green warp pipes. Each warp pipe plays a different sound effect when you click them.
  • Finally, you will notice the second entry in the Testimonials section is from SpikeIsCool. This is a character that will be featured in the movie, but he originated in the NES game Wrecking Crew. He is their former employer in a demolition business

Calling or texting the number

The 929-55-MARIO (62746) number shown on the site is a working number you can text or call. Texting it will reply with the below message with a link taking you to a page to be reminded about the movie. If you sign up for this, you can reply to the message with “ON THE DOUBLE” to be sent a business card. We also received a new movie poster image featuring Toad after a bit of a wait.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Calling the number will have Charlie Day’s Luigi speaking to you on a pre-recorded message saying many of the brother’s usual catchphrases and even mentioning a mansion.