Super Mario Bros. Wonder Elephant Power-Up Plushies Coming 2024

Super Mario Bros. Wonder will be receiving soem massive elephant power-up plushes in 2024.

Image Via Nintendo

Anyone wanting to own a tiny Elephant Mario will be in luck in 2024, as Super Mario Bros. Wonder plushies are on the way. This release window is currently only set for Japan, but international fans will almost certainly be able to purchase their own Proboscidea-style Mario in the future.

The Super Mario Bros. franchise is no stranger to merchandise, as the recent movie can attest. Super Mario Bros. Wonder is making things a bit easier, as there are now cute animal forms for the main cast. This is due to the new Elephant power-up, which enlarges the user, allowing them to smash through blocks and squirt water using their trunk.

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Super Mario Bros. Wonder Elephant Mario Plushies Are Coming To Japan In 2024

Super Mario Wonder is launching near the end of 2023, but it seems the merch machine for the game is just missing out on the holiday season. The San-ei Boeki company has announced on its official Twitter page that Elephant Mario plushies are on the way.

The Elephant Mario plushies are big boys; they’re 26 centimeters tall and girthy to boot due to being an elephant. The plushies will cost 3300 yen, which equates to roughly $22 so that big size makes it worth every penny.

The Elephant Mario plush is confirmed for a mid-January 2024 release, but this release window is currently Japan only. However, this is Nintendo’s biggest first-party franchise, so expect to see these plushies brought overseas. If not with this toy company, then another. It’s just a case of when and not if, even if there is more of a wait for the international fans.

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Super Mario Bros. Wonder has had an amazing critical reception, and the fact that it’s a new 2D Mario game launching near the holiday season means that it’s a safe bet that it will be a big seller for the Nintendo Switch. This means that many budding Elephant Mario fans will be born in the coming months, just in time for these plushies to launch in Japan and hopefully elsewhere not long after.