Aerial photo shows Super Mario World is almost ready to open

Work on Tokyo’s park looks complete.


The work on Super Nintendo World is about to come to an end if the new photo you can see above that has just popped up on the Internet is to be believed.

As we can see on an Instagram account, following the development of the park, it seems its layout and buildings have been defined, and everything is almost ready for an opening.

As we’ve mentioned for previous photos of the building, it looks like some of them will feature Mario’s house and Bowser’s castle, just like you would expect from a Nintendo park.

Super Mario Kart Ride and Yoshi’s Adventure are also set to be featured in the Tokyo version of the park, which is supposed to open at some point in Bejing in 2021.

The latest overhead photo gives us the idea that the work on the Super Nintendo World is about to wrap up, and that it’s only a matter of time we get to learn when it’s opening.

The opening was set to happen during the 2020 Olympics, but the Olympics have been delayed due to COVID-19. A new date for the opening has not been provided yet, though.

COVID-19 has also slowed the work on the park, but sure it seems that it hasn’t stopped at all as it’s almost ready to open.

The novel coronavirus has harmed Nintendo plans for the year not only for what matters the park but also for the announcement and release of new games for the Switch.