Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players are having fun on Twitter with Sora’s hilarious crawl

Sora’s crawling like Zoidberg.

Image via Nintendo

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players have been having a great time playing as Sora since he dropped into the arena on Monday. They’re having the most fun sharing videos of his hilarious crawl on Twitter.

Twitter user UltimaShadowX shared a clip of Sora crawling through the Hollow Bastion stage to the “Rowdy Rumble” soundtrack in a Zoidberg-like stance. He’s seen dragging his Keyblade on the ground while scooching to the left and dragging its teeth while crawling to the right.

Another user, Duke091, shared a clip of three Soras in every form crawling in a single file line while the fourth Sora attacks them from behind.

User xlinop took the comedy of Sora’s crawl just one step further. They shared the same video UltimaShadowX used, but one of them had the sound of squeaking shoes playing alongside Sora’s steps since his shoes are huge, while the other had the deafening sound of metal scraping across the floor in time with the Keyblade per the request of another user since Sora drags his Keyblade no matter what position he takes.

Another user shared side-by-side photos comparing Sora’s right-crawling stance to the pose Marvel character Black Widow strikes when she falls through a ceiling hole and lands on the ground.

Aside from the funny videos, other users commented that they were shocked that Sora was programmed to have a crawl while some of the other characters weren’t. For example, Samus cannot use her Morph Ball in Smash Bros. like she can in the Metroid games. Villain fighter Kazuya also cannot use his walking crawl the same way he does in the Tekken series.

Not everyone makes their characters crawl in most games unless they’re in tight spot that prompts them to do so. Sora can’t crawl anywhere in the Kingdom Hearts games at all, but seeing that he can crawl in Super Smash Bros. UItimate was meme-worthy enough to make every player’s day.