Swery’s The Good Life is coming to Xbox Game Pass at launch, demo out now on Xbox One

Live your fantasy of being able to pay off your financial debt.

Image via Playism

The Good Life will be joining the Xbox Game Pass library when it launches on October 15. Billed as a “debt-repayment RPG/life sim adventure,” The Good Life is the anticipated Kickstarter-backed project from director Hidetaka Suehiro (popularly known as SWERY), best known for his work on survival-horror cult classic Deadly Premonition and The Missing: J.J. Macfield and the Island of Memories.

The game follows Naomi Hayward, a New York journalist struggling with debt who accepts an assignment to investigate Rainy Woods, a mysterious town whose population transforms into cats and dogs at nightfall.

Players help Naomi pay back her debt through her photography skills, snapping photos requested by The Morning Bell newspaper and residents of the town. Photographing what’s trending on the social media website Flamingo will help boost her followers and earn her more money. Naomi can eventually shapeshift into a dog or cat to help solve mysteries, and can take part in a hodgepodge of side activities in her spare time, including cooking, gardening, and getting to know the people of Rainy Woods.

In addition to joining Game Pass, The Good Life will also be on Switch, PS4, and PC. A demo is available now on Xbox, and a PC demo will be released during Steam Next Fest, which starts October 1.