Talented The Last of Us fan creates a Clicker that looks good enough to eat (relax, it’s cake)

Wait, isn’t this how it started?

Image via HBO

HBO’s The Last of Us hype is spreading through the masses faster than a cordycep mutation. You can’t turn a corner without someone talking about the latest episode or seeing it parodied on television sketch comedies. Now, the famous Clicker infected from the franchise are branching out into a new medium. One talented fan has shown off an impressive Clicker made out of cake, and boy does it look good enough to eat.

The mentioned fan uploaded footage of this work of art in The Last of Us subreddit. The video is obviously a montage and sped up, as it looks like a cake of this magnitude would obviously take a lot of work. The attention to detail is striking, and rivals that of famous television baking shows. While a Clicker’s appearance in cake form would normally seem like something out of Netflix’s Nailed It!, there is something beautiful about the carefully-sculpted work of art.

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The irony is also not lost on a lot of The Last of Us show’s fandom. Flour plays a big part in why the world ended up as a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The creators went to great lengths during the first episode to establish main characters avoiding the popular ingredient purely by accident. Savvy fans managed to catch on to the hidden clues and have been rewarded for their keen eye with validation in future episodes.

The Last of Us hype is only continuing to grow. The latest episode pulled in quite the viewer count, even amidst the ridiculously unneeded controversy surrounding the third episode. Seeing talented artists show off their creativity is a heart-warming result of such a great show. Whether you have the stomach to eat this cake, however, is entirely up to you.