Do you need to play The Last of Us game before watching the show? Answered

Just sit back and enjoy it.

Ellie and Joel in The Last of Us TV show

Image via HBO

The Last of Us on HBO has taken the world by storm. Fans of the game have known for almost a decade now that this story is amazing and should be experienced by everyone who can engage with it. However, many people sitting down for the first time to check out the show have no idea what they are getting themselves into or if they will understand it. But do you need to play The Last of Us game before watching the show? Here is what you need to know.

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Should you play The Last of Us before watching the show?

The Last of Us on HBO tells the entire story of the original The Last of Us game. This means that the first season will explore every moment of the initial game from start to finish. People who have never played the game or even experienced a video game in their life can enjoy the ride without fear of being lost or confused from a lack of prior knowledge.

In fact, the show is so good at adapting what is in the game and adding context to it that it broadens the understanding of the story for even the most devoted The Last of Us game fans. Every scene is streamlined perfectly for television and never strays too far from what is experienced during the game except when it needs more foundation.

It also changes any parts of the narrative that are considered “gamey.” This means that it sacrifices large portions of gameplay and action in order to strengthen and further develop the characters. That isn’t to say that the game struggles to do this, but the extra breathing room is nice in a television setting.

At the very least, the show may make newcomers want to reach out and experience the game after the season ends, if only to continue soaking in the compelling story of this world and the people in it. The two mediums connect together so well that you will get the same satisfaction regardless of if you played the game or not before diving into this adventure.