Tears of the Kingdom Players Discover Wizzrobes Are Hyrule’s Most Horrifying Enemy

Think Majora’s Mask moon, but with limbs.

Image via u/k_austin’s Reddit Thread

Players of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom were in for a shocking surprise as they stumbled upon the true nature of the seemingly harmless Wizzrobes. Yes, those enemies that deal ranged elemental damage and can teleport all over the place.

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What was once believed to be cute and deadly little wizards hopping all over their sky and swinging their elemental wands around turned out to be something far more horrifying. As it turns out, lurking beneath those flowing cloaks lies an admittedly terrifying creature.

TotK Wizzrobes Make Gloom Hands Look Nice in Comparison

Thanks to the diligent investigation of ToK players, the truth about Wizzrobes has finally come to light. A quick Google search for Breath of the Wild concept art reveals the proper form of these creatures, and it’s safe to say that they are anything but adorable. Prepare yourself for the terrifying sight of a Wizzrobe without its robe.

Their true form is a sight to behold and could give anyone nightmares. The Wizzrobe’s anatomy includes an illusion of a neck, a bizarre body part that protrudes menacingly above its head. But the real shocker lies beneath, as their actual neck is grotesquely sunk into their body. It’s a revelation that can send shivers down the spines of even the bravest players.

Move over, Gloom Hands, because the Wizzrobes have just claimed the title of the most nightmare-fueling enemy of Hyrule. The once-beloved tiny wizards hopping through the sky have become the stuff of nightmares. Who would have thought these seemingly innocuous creatures could hide such an abominable secret beneath their cloaks?

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Let this discovery serve as a cautionary tale to all adventurers, reminding them to approach the game with a healthy dose of skepticism and a readiness to face the unexpected. Don’t be fooled by the Wizzrobes’ deceptive appearance; they are more terrifying than you could have imagined. The secrets of Hyrule are vast, and who knows what other surprises await the intrepid players who dare to explore its depths.