Tears of the Kingdom Player Builds Functional Transformer

Link can unleash the power of Optimus Prime and the Autobots in this Tears of the Kingdom Zonai vehicle design.

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A Tears of the Kingdom player is primed to fight the Decepticons, should they decide to invade Hyrule, as they built a working Transformer in-game. Unfortunately, Megatron doesn’t show up in Link’s latest adventure, so the machine will have to be unleashed on the unsuspecting minions of Ganondorf instead.

The machine crafting mechanics in the new Legend of Zelda game are something to behold, with Tears of the Kingdom players building working TIE Fighters and using them to soar across Hyrule. There are some limitations to what players can create, but the display of creativity on the part of the developers and the fan base is staggering, and people will likely be building fancy machines for years to come.

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A Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Player Built A Working Transformer

One Tears of the Kingdom player decided that one machine design wasn’t enough. A user on the Tears of the Kingdom Reddit named Okossen has built a functioning Transformer that can switch to different forms with unique capabilities. A video showing this machine that can surpass Metal Gear has been uploaded to social media, with Link blasting Moblin outposts with impunity.

This design was created using several compatible Autobuilds, with a Zonai machine that’s composed of the exact number of pieces needed for each form. As such, any Tears of the Kingdom player could copy this design and use it to make their own Transformer, should they possess the required abilities and Zonai pieces.

The Transformer has two different forms that can be switched using Autobuild. The first is a massive bike that can be used to zoom across the fields of Hyrule. The second form is a powerful mech suit that Link needs to use Ascend to enter freely. Once inside this beastly machine, Link can unleash blasts of laser fire, which will swiftly annihilate any foe that enters the range of his Gundam.

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It took Tears of the Kingdom players a little over a month to start building incredible machinery, and this Zonai Transformer might be the most impressive. This machine has a ton of utility and can decimate Ganondorf’s forces before switching out to a sweet ride. A full Transformers run of Tears of the Kingdom would be a sight to behold as all of Ganondorf’s mighty army is blasted into dust.