Tears of the Kingdom Players Dumbfounded By Hestu’s “Improved” Korok Seed Gift

Hetsu, the character players deliver Korok Seeds to in Tears of the Kingdom, has a terrible gift for players that collect every seed.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is packed with discoveries for players to find organically while they explore. One of the most abundant collectibles, Korok Seeds, is linked to these discoveries, popping everywhere around Hyrule. However, after collecting 1,000 of them, players are a little disappointed by their reward.

Every Korok Seed can be turned over to Hetsu to unlock more storage space in Link’s bags. Once players deliver all 1,000 Korok Seeds, they get a less-than-useful reward – though, it is a swirl up from the equivalent reward in Breath of the Wild.

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All Tears of the Kingdom Korok Seeds Reward is Another Bag of Poop

In a thread on the Tears of the Kingdom Subreddit, players have expressed disappointment over Hetsu’s reward for collecting every Korok Seed in the game. Similar to Breath of the Wild, the reward is a giant version of a Korok Seed called Hetsu’s Gift. However, all players can see is an icon that looks like a swirly poop. The icing on the cake is that Tears of the Kingdom’s version has an extra swirl on top.

Hetsu’s Gift does nothing practical for players. It allows Link to visit Hetsu and get him to dance whenever they want, but there’s no other use for it. It seems like most players expected this, with one stating, “Fool Me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.” Still, it’s understandable that Breath of the Wild fans expect more from Nintendo in the game’s sequel.

Another player has chimed into the conversation with a potentially interesting fact about this item, “I feel like I say this in every thread about this, but Hestu’s Gift is literally an untranslatable language pun so it loses its context when translated to anything other than Japanese lol”.

We’re unable to confirm if this is true at the time of writing, but the similarities between the rewards across both games suggest that they’re at least deliberately written to be pretty much the same. Of course, a different joke may be present across both games in Japan, and the meaning was lost in translation.