Tears of the Kingdom – All Korok Seed Locations Across Hyrule

Korok Seeds are scattered all over Tears of the Kingdom, and trying to find them will be a huge task for every Zelda player.

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Hyrule Kingdom is home to many creatures, and one of the more adorable ones is the Korok. These mythical creatures return to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and players can track all of them down and add them to their collection.

** This Guide is currently in progress, and will continue to update as new info becomes available**

Finding every Korok seed in Tears of the Kingdom will be a monumental task, and it will take players dozens of hours to find them in every corner of the game. However, collecting them is essential to upgrading the storage capacity of Link’s bag. This guide will cover solving puzzles, completing mini-games, and finishing world events to earn these helpful seeds.

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Where to Find Every Korok Seed Location in Tears of the Kingdom

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There are hundreds of Korok Seeds for players to find in Tears of the Kingdom. They’re hidden around the map in places that can be obvious, while others are completely unexpected. However, it’s tracking them down that’s the real challenge. They appear on Sky Islands, in The Depths, and every region around Hyrule.

Below, we break down where players can find the Korok Seeds in every region of the game. There’s a table for each area to help players track down every single one.

All Great Sky Island Korok Seed Locations in Tears of the Kingdom

The below table shows where to find all the Korok Seeds in the Great Sky Island region of Tears of the Kingdom.

Korok Seed LocationKorok Seed LocationTips
Korok Seed Location 1You can find this Korok Seed in the ruins to the south of the Temple of Time. Explore the ruins, and you will see a flower seed teleporting around. Follow it to catch the Korok.
Korok Seed Locations 2 & 3You can find these two Korok seeds on the west side of the Great Sky Island. One Korok will be on the other side, and you’ll need to make a contraption to go across the wire using a hook and use the Ultrahand on the Korok with a backpack to set it next to you.
Korok Seed Locations 4 & 5These pair of Koroks are always away from each other. Similar to the previous one, you will need to make a cart with a Zorai Fan on it and put the Korok with a backpack inside the cart to make it to the other side.
Korok Seed Location 6This Korok Seed is hidden in the colder regions of Great Sky Island, close to the center. When you reach it, there will be a stone pile that you need to use the Ultrahand on and fit into the larger stone puzzle. Completing it summons the Korok.
Korok Seed Location 7This Korok Seed is similar to the previous one. You’ll need to use the Ultrahand ability on the stone puzzle and fit it into the correct location, summoning the Korok.
Korok Seed Location 8For this Seed, we recommend teleporting back to the Room of Awakening, and exiting this cave. When you reach the outside, and dive down to the Great Sky Island, take your Paraglider and aim for the island we’ve marked, and look for a tree at the center with rocks surrounding it. You will need to place a rock at the missing location in the pattern, summoning to Korok.

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