Tears of the Kingdom Takes Over Buffalo Bills NFL TikTok

The official TikTok account for the Buffalo Bills NFL team has gone rogue, posting football-related content witha Tears of the Kingdom twist.

Image via Buffalo Bills NFL TikTok Account / Nintendo YouTube

The official TikTok account for the Buffalo Bills NFL team surprised a few fans this week with a post that wasn’t entirely football-focused. Instead, it showed someone walking around the stadium using abilities and mechanics players have been mastering in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

The post starts as if it’s going to go into detail about a football training regime, but quickly descends into TotK-based nonsense as the person being filmed creates a unique football helmet weapon and even tries to recreate the flying scooter vehicle that players have been sharing as the best method for exploring the depths.

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Buffalo Bills NFL’s TikTok Account Attempts to Recreate TotK’s Flying Scooter

Tears of the Kingdom is everywhere, seemingly inescapable as it permeates every inch of media and culture to give fans little moments of joy when it rears its head, even for a second on live television. While official social media accounts, such as the one for the Buffalo Bills NFL team, are no strangers to posts that go beyond their niche, this one seems to be particularly on point.


Duplication gitch comes in clutch. 💯 #TOTK #botw #nfl #zelda

♬ original sound – Buffalo Bills

The post first shows someone using Fuse to attach a football helmet to a long pole, something Tears of the Kingdom players are more used to doing with large rocks and stones. Next, the post replicates the duplication glitch many players had used to make the game easier. That is, until it was patched out.

Finally, and this is our favorite part, the post replicates the incredible flying scooter that players have been sharing on social media. The scooter consists of a control stick and two fans, allowing Link to fly through the most dangerous part of Hyrule, The Depths, without encountering any enemies. In the Buffalo Bills NFL post, the person on-screen uses two giant football stadium fans and manages to put together a pretty faithful recreation of the flying scooter.

There’s almost limitless potential to what can be built in Tears of the Kingdom using the tools the game gives to players. While this TikTok post might seem a little silly on the surface, because it is, it also demonstrates that with those same tools in mind, people can be just as creative, if not more so, in the real world.