Tears of the Kingdom’s Fire Temple Deemed “Too Confusing” Not To Cheese

Learning game mechanics is unnecessary when you can just climb and ascend your way to victory in Tears of the Kingdom.

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Thanks to the freedom Tears of the Kingdom provides, players have discovered numerous ways to exploit the game’s mechanics and make their journey easier or faster. In fact, the meme “as intended by the devs” has become a commonplace way to frame short videos of players beating the game in myriad creative ways. From using recall and ascending to cheese Taluses to cheating Korok rock puzzles with Link’s weapon fuse ability, the community has undoubtedly found creative ways to overcome challenges without breaking a sweat.

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Now, the Reddit community has come together to admit that almost no one has beaten the Fire Temple as intended. The Fire Temple in Tears of the Kingdom presents players with a daunting challenge: ringing five gongs and defeating the formidable Marbled Gohma boss while navigating an intricate minecart rail path. However, it appears that the convoluted mechanics of the temple were too much for some adventurers to handle. 

No One Seems to Complete the Fire Temple as “Intended by the Devs”

Instead of deciphering the path and mastering the minecart system, these cunning players resorted to a rather unconventional strategy.

One creative gamer came forward with their confessional tale, stating they got too confused by the minecart system and ascended and scaled their way to victory. So while the minecart rails are spun around five levels, they bypass the elaborate puzzle-solving and opt for a more vertical approach, using their climbing skills to conquer the temple. It seems that in the land of Zelda, where there’s a will, there’s certainly a way.

This revelation has sparked a discussion among gamers about the prevalence of cheesing in Tears of the Kingdom. While some argue that these cheese tactics reflect poorly on the game’s design, others see them as a testament to the resourcefulness and ingenuity of the players.

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Whether you face the Fire Temple head-on or take the cheesy shortcut, Tears of the Kingdom continues to captivate and challenge players across the realm. After all, the Legend of Zelda series has always encouraged exploration and experimentation, and finding unconventional solutions is part of the charm.