Best 10 Tears of the Kingdom Memes

Sure, there’s a kingdom to save out there. But who says we are not allowed to have a laugh at the best Tears of the Kingdom Memes?

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a massive game that carries five years of anticipation on its back. In the game, you take on the role of Link, a legendary swordsman who has to restore the Kingdom of Hyrule and conquer all evil. The stakes — both in-game and in real life — are gargantuan. But that naturally has not stopped fans from having a laugh.

From using the game’s abilities in creative ways to finding unique methods to annoy NPCs — here are our top 10 Tears of the Kingdom memes.

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10. No Dog Petting?

TotK offers a ginormous, lively universe teeming with a crazy mix of critters just begging for you to stumble upon them. But amidst all this wild splendor, there’s a bummer fact lurking around: you can chase, mount or even kill these creatures, but there’s no built-in option to give some love to your doggo pals. But hey, did that ever deter players from getting creative with their canine cuddles? Absolutely not.

9. Speedrunning Frenzy

The Zelda series knows speedrunners all too well. Even though an average player may invest anywhere from 30 to 75 hours into the game, there’s always that one speedy fanatic who manages to roll the credits in under 60 minutes. But let’s give credit where credit is due: the mind-boggling and absurd methods these speedrunners come up with to blitz through the game in record time are both side-splittingly funny and jaw-droppingly impressive.

8. Zelda’s Blood Moon Dialogue

Breath of the Wild brought us the delightful phenomenon of Blood Moons. Like clockwork, the moon dons a crimson shade every seven days, and a cutscene in which Zelda warns Links of the dangers ensues. In Tears of the Kingdom, the same moon routine plays out, but something seems a bit off. During the cutscene, Zelda’s voice takes a sharp turn from soothing to a harsher tone, leaving some players genuinely startled. It’s like she switched from giving a gentle warning to scolding Link like a disapproving parent.

7. Hot Ganondorf

Ganon, the grand nemesis of countless The Legend of Zelda titles, has always been the epitome of wickedness, the Demon King who embodies all things sinful. But here’s a twist: some players of Tears of the Kingdom unexpectedly found themselves strangely attracted to Ganon’s fresh new look, considering him quite the heartthrob. This unconventional infatuation gave birth to a flood of memes when Nintendo unveiled promotional material featuring Ganon’s updated appearance. 

6. Fusion Delusion

With the Fuse ability, players can stick just about anything to their shields and weapons. So now you can have weapons fused with boulders, rocks, planks, veggies, or whatever random object tickles your fancy. Sadly, fusing an entire sky island to your claymore isn’t on the menu, but hey, let’s imagine the look on Ganon’s face if he saw Link attempting such a ludicrous stunt. 

5. Zelda Who?

Tears of the Kingdom is a massive open-world game where you have the freedom to do pretty much whatever your heart desires, whenever you want. With countless hidden areas to explore and side quests to conquer, it’s no surprise that you’ll find yourself easily distracted. But let’s ponder the moral dilemma for a moment: Is it truly the right thing to do to leave poor Zelda hanging while you meticulously design yet another mind-boggling ultra-hand monstrosity? Maybe it’s time to give Zelda a helping hand before diving into your umpteenth bizarre invention.

4. Put That Thing Back Where it Came From or so Help Me

Ultrahand gives you the power to snatch stuff from the world and stick it together, which opens up a whole new level of wacky possibilities. The real joy lies in crafting your very own outlandish vehicles to explore the land, take to the skies, and even venture into the mysterious Depths. Some players have showcased their mind-blowing creations, and boy, are they jaw-droppingly awesome. But here’s the catch: don’t go expecting that a simple copy-and-paste of their genius concoctions will turn out equally magnificent in your own game. 

3. Rest in Peace, Revali’s Gale

TotK introduces a shiny batch of spanking new abilities. You can mess with time, blend weapons together, and even stick random objects wherever you please. While we can revel in the awesomeness of these newfound powers, we must bid farewell to the old ones. Oh, how we’ll long for the soaring majesty of Revali’s Gale. Picture yourself gazing at a daunting mountain, feeling a pang of despair as you realize there’s no Revali to holler in your ear and catapult you skyward. Farewell, Revali; you shall be sorely missed.

2. As Intended by the Devs

Tears of the Kingdom nails the art of giving just enough guidance without smothering you with hand-holding. It’s a game that unleashes your inner creative beast and lets you run wild with your own style of play. But let’s be real; there are moments where you can’t help but pause and ponder, “Is this how the game developers actually expected us to play?” 

1. Korok Torture

Ultrahand blesses us with the power to merge objects and birth incredible new creations. However, some players have taken their creativity to a dark and twisted place by seeking revenge on the innocent Koroks. They’ve gone on to create bonfires and intricate transportation systems to send these Koroks on a never-ending journey to infinity and beyond. It’s a twisted world out there, my friend, where even the innocent aren’t safe from the mad genius of gamers.