LEGO The Legend of Zelda is on the way, according to new LEGO set Leaks

Zelda-themed LEGOs could appear on the market.

Image via Nintendo

Leaks often happen in the video game industry, and several leaks occur with Lego products. Supposedly, according to a survey given to select LEGO fans, there is going to be a Lego The Legend of Zelda set that could arrive. The first one shared by the leak will feature the legendary Great Deku tree, a creature that appears in a handful of Zelda stories and is a massive set.

The leak was shared by Promo Bricks, which lists it among a handful of other LEGO sets that could reportedly make their way on the market. However, none of these sets are confirmed.

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The set featuring the Great Deku tree will supposedly be made up of 1,920 pieces, and it could range anywhere between $200 to $325 if such a product were to arrive on the market.

The Deku tree featured in this set might come with several unique features. Someone can build it with the iconic green leaves when it appeared in the Ocarina of Time entry or where it had pink leaves from the Breath of the Wild.

The leak does have some legitimacy because the LEGO group and Nintendo entered a partnership in 2020, and while that was primarily focused on the Super Mario series, it would make sense to eventually branch out to other popular products.

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With the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom set to release on May 12 for the Nintendo Switch, releasing a Zelda-themed LEGO sometime this year would be a good idea. Eager fans would want to add a product like this to their collection. We do have to take this information with a grain of salt, and we’ll have to see if LEGO or Nintendo make any official announcements about this upcoming Great Deku tree set or any future Zelda-themed ones.