Tears of the Kingdom’s First Trailer Teased Cut Content

Not a 10/10 anymore.

Image via Nintendo

It seems that Tears of the Kingdom, the highly anticipated sequel to the beloved Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, has disappointed fans unexpectedly. The game, which has otherwise garnered widespread praise for its technical prowess and expansive world, seems to have forgotten one crucial element from its initial trailer: the fate of a specific unfortunate rat.

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Back in 2019, when the first trailer for Tears of the Kingdom was revealed, fans were treated to a rather peculiar scene. A rat was shown being consumed by the eerie and mysterious Gloom, setting the stage for the game’s dark and foreboding atmosphere. The Gloomy hands make an appearance in ToK — in fact, they ate away my Link countless times — but where did the rat go, Nintendo?

Tears of the Kingdom Fans Demand Answers About Missing Character

Redditors wasted no time talking to the internet to discuss this enigmatic omission. Some users humorously suggested that the rat’s absence was intentional, teasing a potential future DLC to illuminate its fate finally. Others speculated that the reason behind Link’s exceptional culinary skills in the game was, in fact, a Ratatouille-like situation, where the rodent played a crucial role as the unsung hero behind his delectable dishes.

But perhaps the most intriguing theory came from a user claiming that the missing rat would become a secret final boss for those skilled enough to complete the game without getting hit. While this claim might be entirely tongue-in-cheek, it hasn’t stopped fans from attempting the seemingly impossible task of defeating every enemy without taking a single hit to see if the elusive rodent will make a surprise appearance.

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As players uncover ToK’s many secrets, the mystery of the rat’s fate will persist as an amusing and bewildering enigma. Whether the Nintendo developers intended this omission to become a source of speculation and jest among fans remains to be seen.