Tears of the Kingdom’s Hudson Construction Is Actually A Terrible Business, Fans Claim

No way they help can restore the kingdom under these conditions.

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Hudson Construction, owned by the charismatic Hudson and his wife Rhondson, has been providing building materials to restore Tears of the Kingdom’s Hyrule. Players have the opportunity to support the company by locating materials and solving physics puzzles scattered throughout the kingdom. It’s all been fun and annoying side quests until now.

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A Reddit user known as GioRet65 recently framed Hudson Construction as the epitome of a lousy carpentry business. Though everybody was quick to embrace the work and ethics of the company, this Redditor is making some serious claims. And honestly, they may have a point.

TotK Players Cancel Hudson and its Construction Site

According to the claims made by GioRet65, Hudson Construction seems to lack the most basic knowledge of proper carpentry practices. They point out that the company fails to properly store or cover their wood supplies, leading to rotting wood within a week. They suggest that even a beginner carpenter would know to use rope, ground spikes, and tarps to protect the wood.

Furthermore, the Reddit user alleges that the working conditions provided by Hudson Construction are atrocious. They mock the company for promoting their business in scorching hot deserts, near active volcanoes, and heavily rainy areas. According to GioRet65, an honest carpentry company would focus on more suitable locations with heavy traffic, such as cities and towns.

The Redditor doesn’t even cut HR some slack, jabbing at Hudson Construction’s hiring model, which limits their workforce to people whose names end in “-son.” The user suggests that this requirement is a recipe for disaster, as losing a single worker could potentially lead to the collapse of contracts and productivity.

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Torturing Koroks and blowing off steam with Addison seems to be a thing of the past for TotK players. They are now entirely focused on deciding whether this whimsical company operating in Tarrey Town should be out of business. One thing is for sure — players may forgive Hudson for his poor work ethic, but no one will forgive him for that haircut.