Temtem celebrates half a million copies sold, and a roadmap is on the way

Half a million people are trying to become the ultimate Temtem Tamer.


Image via Crema

Temtem, the creature-collection MMO from Crema, has hit half a million copies sold, a fantastic milestone for any early access title. Crema announced the sales figures via their official Temtem Twitter account. While it’s not covered in the Tweet, we assume that this figure includes sales through Kickstarter, Humble Bundle alpha sales, along with sales through Steam since the game became available on Jan. 21.

In a follow-up tweet, the developers advised that a roadmap would be coming soon to detail the future of the game’s development. It would seem that the success of the recent launch has given Crema the ability to properly budget resources and money, allowing them to accurately map out the game’s next few features. It’s all good news for fans of the game.

Temtem had a couple of rough days when it launched due to server issues impacting an excited player base, but Crema was able to get every settled down over the following days, and it has all been smooth sailing since then. The Pokémon-inspired game is set on the Airborne Archipeligo and follows the story of the player character as they start their journey to become a great Temtem Tramer.

You can collect creatures known as Temtem and use them in battles against other wild Temtem or Temtem that belong to other Tamers. The MMO features a fully cooperative campaign that you can play through with a friend, in-game trading and battling with other players, and plenty of quests to complete while you try to catch the 100+ Temtem currently in the game.

Crema expects the game to leave early access during the middle of 2021, so the roadmap should be filled with interesting information on additional features and content that will be coming to the game before then.

Find out more about TemTem on the Humble Bundle store.

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