The Ascent now has New Game Plus on PC, but not on Xbox yet

Be patient if you’re on Xbox.

Following today’s official announcement of a PlayStation port, The Ascent has just received its latest patch. While not available on Xbox platforms just yet, the update adds New Game Plus along with an additional paid DLC pack and some bug fixes.

According to the game’s official Twitter account, Neon Giant was unable to rollout the patch on Xbox due to a “technical error.” The team is currently aiming to fix the issue in order to push out the update as soon as possible.

No estimated time was given, but fans can keep an eye on the account for any updates. While not outright confirmed, we can assume that this feature will be included in the PlayStation versions considering they launch at the end of next month.

Today also brought about new DLC entitled the Cyber Warrior Pack. This paid pack includes two new weapons, three weapon skins, an additional tactical item, and seven pieces of armor that let you become a cyberpunk samurai. As far as bug fixes are concerned, the team has resolved several minor issues to smooth out the general experience. Most notably, stability fixes were introduced to both single player and co-op, which includes reducing the number of crashes players should expect.