The Cycle: Frontier buffs movement speed and Stamina, makes early missions easier

More runnin’, less prospectin’.

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Image via Yager

The upcoming patch 2.1 spells good news for the many The Cycle: Frontier players who believe the game’s movement is a bit too slow and restrictive. Developer Yager at least partly shares the sentiment and will speed things up with changes to walk speed and Stamina regeneration. Early missions will also be tweaked to speed up the process of leveling up Faction stores.

Movement in The Cycle: Frontier is deliberately slow, as the game emphasizes caution in both its looting and combat. To not impact that design too much, Yager is deploying movement changes that continue to incentivize players to move deliberately, rather than running and sliding all over the place. Walk speed will be increased slightly, and standing still will regenerate Stamina a bit faster. Running and aim-walking speeds will not be changed.

The mission changes are equally subtle, though they will certainly make the new player experience in The Cycle: Frontier a bit breezier. The requirements for fulfilling multiple Campaign contracts will be lowered: that means fewer Data Drives you need to deliver to ICA, fewer Veltecite you need to mine for Korolev, and fewer creatures you need to hunt for Osiris.

Patch 2.1 deploys in The Cycle: Frontier on March 23. Alongside the changes to Stamina, movement speed, and missions, it will deliver much-needed adjustments to gunshots and footsteps audio, which have both historically been very inconsistent.