The Cycle: Frontier closed beta playtest announced for March

This is not a drill.

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Image via Yager

The Cycle: Frontier is about to enter into a second closed beta playtest period in early March, according to a February 3 update from developer Yager. The much-anticipated sandbox survival shooter was very accurately described as Tarkov-in-space by participants in the original closed beta. We hope this time around we will get to experience more original systems and mechanics to set The Cycle: Frontier apart from its closest relative in the genre.

The second closed beta playtest for The Cycle: Frontier will include a number of improvements and refinements to things like quests and map navigation. Climbable surfaces will now be more apparent thanks to visual details like vines, and some sections of the map which were previously walled off by terrain will be easier to traverse. There are new AI creature variants to encounter, as well as a new interactive mission event in the Korolev Laser Drill. However, the main highlight of the second beta playtest are the Faction Campaigns. In addition to completing random quests for the game’s three factions, The Cycle: Frontier players will get to play through a narrative campaign for each one of them.

The Cycle: Frontier closed beta starts on March 10, and will run until March 28. Those interested may already sign up for a chance to get in the playtest. Note, that participants of the previous The Cycle: Frontier beta playtest should be automatically enrolled for this one as well.