The Day Before actually proves it is real with new gameplay footage trailer

It’s been 84 years…

Image via Fntastic

It wouldn’t be unfair to state that The Day Before has had one of the most questionable development periods in the history of gaming. There haven’t been many games in the past that could reach the number one Steam Wishlist spot without showing off at least a little bit of actual gameplay. Many fans have begun to write off the title as little more than a publicity stunt for studio Fntastic after all of the pre-rendered trailers and delays, but it looks like this thing might actually exist. Fntastic just uploaded a 10-minute gameplay trailer of The Day Before to prove to the world what we should never have had to question in the first place.

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First off, it would be best to temper expectations. The trailer is actually not the most exciting thing in the world and barely shows any actual combat or zombies. About half of it is spent in a weapon customization and inventory menu to show off these features, but what is here looks like an authentic and functioning experience.

There are a few encounters with zombies in the trailer, but the undead don’t seem very dangerous based on what is shown. They run at the player in a straight line and actually go down quite easily. Instead, the most hair-raising part of the trailer is actually watching the character fail a Resident Evil-style alarm puzzle as it beeps menacingly at her.

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This showcase still manages to give off a Division-meets-The Last of Us vibe, and they have added a new release date of November 10. This will be about the third of fourth time that Fntastic has revealed a release date before delaying the game, however, so don’t take this as too much of a solid launch date. They do have that pesky copyright issue to deal with, after all.