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The deaf guild Undaunted has defeated WoW: Dragonflight’s latest raid on Heroic difficulty

Ahead of the Curve for Vault of the Incarnates!

Undaunted is a competitive guild in World of Warcraft consisting of one North American and one EU raid team. Both teams also have one more detail that sets them apart from the crowd — the raid teams consist mostly of deaf and hard of hearing players. STEADFAST, Undaunted’s North American raiding team, has managed to defeat the final boss, Raszageth, on Heroic difficulty in the Vault of the Incarnates raid this morning, securing another awesome achievement for these fantastic raiders.

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Undaunted is primarily a guild consisting of deaf or hard of hearing players. There are a few hearing players, but the teams focus on not using voice communication for their raids in favor of other methods. Instead, they utilize ASL, video logs, addons, and macros to communicate clearly during raid.

Ahead of the Curve is the achievement associated with killing the final boss on Heroic difficulty in a raid before the release of the next raid. Dragonflight’s Heroic Raszageth is not a simple encounter and requires a lot of communication between raiders to succeed.

The fight involves mechanics that can easily kill you, such as wind pushback and spreading into separate groups on certain points in the fight. It is imperative that players know exactly what they are doing and can cooperate consistently to succeed. The fight also lasts way longer than some of the other encounters in the game, and teams need to be ready to react at a moment’s notice.

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World of Warcraft raiding is a monumental test of skill even when you can hear everything going on in the fights and listen to a raid leader’s call outs on Discord. Encounters are designed with major audio cues to help announce upcoming mechanics, and popular addons for raiding also shout out alerts for raiders. It is extremely valuable to be able to utilize these tools effectively, and a very impressive achievement when one must find alternative ways to work around these cues.

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