How to get Centaur Hunting Trophies in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Answer the call of the hunt.

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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight has quite a few reputation items to collect as you explore the Dragon Isles continent, and the game does not always tell you where to turn in these discoveries. Centaur Hunting Trophies are one such uncommon token that you will start to accumulate in your bags. Centaur Hunting Trophies can be given to an NPC in the Ohn’ahran Plains to get 25 Reputation each toward the Maruuk Centaur faction. Here is where you can find Centaur Hunting Trophies in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

Where to get Centaur Hunting Trophies in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

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There are several ways to get Centaur Hunting Trophies in The Dragon Isles. By far, the easiest way is to participate in Grand Hunts. These are marked on your map by a hunting horn icon. Grand Hunts will occur in one of the four zones every 2 hours before moving to the next zone. Each hunt is separated into six objectives, usually to kill enemies or a boss.

  • You will get 20 Centaur Hunting Trophies from your first completed Grand Hunt of the week by looting the Maruuk Grand Hunt Spoils.
  • Your second hunt of the week will reward 15 Centaur Hunting Trophies.
  • Your third hunt of the week will reward 10 Centaur Hunting Trophies.
  • Every hunt after the third for the week will give you 3-4 Centaur Hunting Trophies.
  • Specific mobs during the hunts will also have a chance to drop more Centaur Hunting Trophies.

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Outside of completing Grand Hunts, there are a few other ways to acquire Centaur Hunting Trophies.

  • Twice a week, Claan Aylaag will travel to a new spot in the Ohn’ahran plains and provide daily quests. During this small window, you can actually escort the Caravan while it moves between locations. Doing so will grant you a Caravan Strongbox, which can contain 3-4 Centaur Hunting Trophies.
  • Rare magical chests spread around The Dragon Isles will sometimes contain Centaur Hunting Trophies.
  • Rare Clan Chests and Nomad Chests in the Ohn’ahran Plains will contain Centaur Hunting Trophies.
  • Once a week, you can participate in the Trial of the Flood in southern Ohn’ahran Plains and loot the chest at the end for a few Centaur Hunting Trophies.

Centaur Hunting Trophies can be turned in to Hunt Instructor Basku at coordinates 64, 41 in Maruukai in the Ohn’ahran Plains.

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