The Division 2 datamine reveals likely Underground mode return

Ubisoft’s online shooter is about to get bigger.

Division 2

Screengrab via Ubisoft

With The Division 2 PTS re-opening, several users are datamining the game’s files and discovering content that is likely to be introduced in the future. That is seemingly including a new take on the Underground DLC from the original The Division.

Reddit user Definitelyanalt16 has dug up through the files and shared a significant amount of details about what’s next for The Division 2. Beware of spoilers, as his post contains details on basically everything which is going to happen to the game over the next seasons.

Among all the pieces of information included in the Reddit thread, one, in particular, is set to be rather interesting for players of the original The Division, meaning the return of the Underground mode that was released through a DLC for it.

This Underground 2.0 mode is seemingly introducing a new take on the original concept of a horde-style mode. In an audio file, “Kelso tells us there’s a Skyscraper needs to be secured, we need to get in there and secure it floor by floor,” shared the dataminer.

Safe floors are reportedly going to be deployed at certain times during the exploration of the skyscraper, and players will be able to leave at that point and return later; it should work as a checkpoint, also in case of failure since there should be many levels to explore. From a certain point on, there won’t be safe floors anymore, though.

Fans are particularly excited about chances that an Underground 2.0 mode could be in development, as that would open to the opportunity of Massive re-exploring other DLC from the original title, such as Survival, which took several elements from the game, like the survival components, and built an entirely new game out of them.

As usual, datamine doesn’t mean that all the things players found through the files are necessarily going to happen to the real game, but there’s a good chance it’ll be so.

After a not-so-warm reception at launch, The Division 2 has tried and returned on its feet, releasing the Warlords of New York expansion earlier this year, and these new contents are likely going to have a connection with the storylines just introduced.