The Division 2: Warlords of New York known issues list

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Division 2

Screengrab via Ubisoft

Warlords of New YorkThe Division 2‘s biggest expansion yet, has just released together with Title Update 8. As it often happens with online service games, it features a list of issues that the developers will need to fix soon.

One, in particular, is already being faced, as Massive Entertainment has deployed an emergency servers maintenance that is making the game unplayable until 3:30am PT, 6:30am ET, 11:30am UK.

The issue is making the Community Leaders NPCs unresponsive, and this is stopping players from progressing throughout the new story campaign.

Community Leaders are to be found at safe houses in Lower Manhattan, and people have been forced to reboot their game sessions to make them work properly. This method, however, has often been not enough to keep running the story.

Players are discovering more issues in The Division 2: Warlords of New York, and hopefully, those will be fixed soon.

  • Unable to talk to Community Leaders NPC – Workaround: Restarting the game or fast traveling and returning to the NPC can help.
  • We are aware of several areas in which data streaming has issues on PS4 and XB1.
  • A Hunter riddle encounter does not spawn correctly even though players perform the necessary steps to activate it.
  • The Incinerator Turret does not get overcharge bonuses.
  • The Commendation “Calibration Award” won’t be awarded after upgrading a weapon to maximize all attributes.
  • Legendary Strongholds show the default description for their normal difficulty versions.
  • There is a missing texture in Haven that makes it look like there is a gap on a building prop.
  • An “Opt in to participate” message can appear in the “Rewards” and “Challenges” menu when performing a server transfer, despite having already activated an activity.
  • The Level 30 Character Boost description does not correctly specify that some achievements will be locked after boosting a character.
  • The Dark Zone Daily Project item can be contaminated.
  • Upgrading Exotic items to Gear Score 515 can cause their Core and Regular attributes to be reduced to minimum.
  • The Directives tutorial does not trigger correctly after finishing the Warlords of New York campaign.
  • There is a Parts Box Crate in the Wall Street Main Mission that can cause players to become stuck when climbing it.
  • The “Central” text chat is not available during free roam in New York for PC players.
  • If a player is further than 180m away from a Hunter when it is defeated, they will not be able to loot the mask.
  • When changing only Directives on the Mega Map a “Changing Global Difficulty” pop-up notification will appear.
  • When inspecting a character in the Apparel Menu, the Menu does not disappear blocking the view.
  • Group members are not teleported to their group during the “Gather Up” objective in The Tombs Main Mission.
  • SHD Caches might not appear on the player’s map if discovered when in a group with another player.
  • The Booster Hive description incorrectly states that it grants the player increased movement speed and a cool down reduction. The reworked Booster Hive grants increased weapon damage and weapon handling.
  • Loot received from the “Daily Winner” perk is incorrectly contaminated.
  • Scope placement is offset on multiple weapons
  • When in a higher Global Difficulty and matchmaking for the main mission through the map, difficulty will default to Normal and not the chosen difficulty.
  • Boosted characters are unable to fast travel to Coney Island, The Pentagon or Kenley College.
  • The “Calibration Award” commendation is not working as intended.
  • The Incinerator Turret does not get Overcharge bonuses.
  • The Artificer Hive does not refresh duration of deployable skills as intended.
  • The Focus gear talent does not function properly with the Nemesis exotic.
  • Specialization skill mods to not scale up to level 40 as intended
  • Players do not receive XP as intended when a nearby group member cuts a extraction rope in the Dark Zone
  • The Skill Duration attribute does not increase the duration of the Burn Sticky Bomb skill mod.
  • Explosive Trap incorrectly displays the Seeker Mine icon in the player’s inventory
  • Skill health values do not change based on the player’s Skill Power as intended.
  • The icon for Cassie Mendoza does not appear after talking to the Snitch

It is not granted that the latest maintenance will have those bugs fixed right away; we’ll have to wait for an official changelog to check the deployed fixes.