The Elder Scrolls Online’s 2023 roadmap looks to squish bugs and add a much-requested new system

Khajiit has road, if you have map.

Image via ZeniMax Online Studios

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As an MMO The Elder Scrolls Online is always looking for new innovative ways to elevate the game. As we near the end of the year, referred to in Tamriel as the New Life Festival, ESO is looking toward its future. Next year’s roadmap is out and it showcases what players can expect to come from The Elder Scrolls Online in 2023.

The roadmap, announced in a letter from ZeniMax Online Studios’ studio director Matt Firor, lists releases by the quarter. Along with the update, there will also be major changes to how stories are released as well. Instead of year-long plots, ESO will be shifting back to Chapters like Morrowind and Greymoor.

The first quarter will see a brand new Dungeon DLC. While it’s too early to know exactly what the dungeon will be, it will more than likely be related to either a past release, such as Firesong, or the upcoming Chapter. Quarter two is where the major updates begin. Starting in June, the 2023 Chapter will release with a new story. Unlike the past four years, the entire Chapter will release in June and players are free to explore it all at their leisure.

The third quarter will focus on The Elder Scrolls Online’s quality-of-life and bug fixes. This looks to be where the development team will fix a major issue with blocking in combat. While the last quarter of the year will see the introduction of a completely new system to the game. Again, no details were presented, but the team teased it is among the most requested features for ESO. They are referring to it as their “large new tentpole system.” This feature could be a new class option or skill line. Fans have been asking for both for years, but have yet to get their wishes granted.

For the time being, we’ll have to wait until the Global Reveal Event in January for more information.