The Holo-Day Bash and Winter Express are returning to Apex Legends

All aboard the Mirage train.

Happy Holo-Days

Last year one of the most iconic and loved events in Apex Legends was the Holo-Day Bash. The legends all got fun and festive skins for the winter season. We also got Winter Express, the first-ever control point based Limited-Time Mode announced by the sultry voice of the holographic trickster himself, Mirage. This year, it’s coming back, so get ready to have some Holo-Day fun.

New Badges & Holo-Spray

Winter Badges, Spray and LTM
Image via Respawn

With the return of the Winter Express LTM, there is also a brand-new set of badges to unlock. There is the basic Holo-Day Bash 2020 badge for getting 250 points for the event, and then three challenge badges.

These badges are most likely for challenges you have to complete within the Winter Express LTM and will probably have a bigger 4th badge if you complete them all, like the Fight or Fright event had for Shadow Royale. There is also a new Holo-Spray that is themed for the winter event reading ‘Happy Holo-Days’

This event will be set-up more similarly to the last few events we’ve seen (Aftermarket, Fight or Fight, etc.), rather than how it was last year. The developers have said that like the way they have fleshed out the event system, and plan to standardize it that way for the time being.