The infamous Craig from Halo Infinite has his own Easter Egg

He is famous.

Image via Xbox

When it was first revealed, Halo Infinite drew the ire of fans due to some rather dated-looking graphics. One poor enemy, in particular, a Brute who became known as Craig, received a lot of harsh words about his looks.

After delaying the game for an entire year to get it looking how players hoped it would, it seems that the developers have paid tribute to Craig with his very own Easter Eggs. Youtuber Mint Blitz has discovered some references to Craig on top of a tower in the game.

Since we last saw him, it would appear that Craig has started a very successful rock band. At the top of the tower, a poster for a tour can be found for the Craig Zeta Halo Tour of 2560. He will be appearing at such locations as the Horn of Abolition and Outpost Tremonius.

There is also an album featuring the very famous shot of Craig’s rather haggard face, stylized and used as art. Songs include “My mom used to love me,” “I am so famous,” and “For the Craig.” So, it seems that while first impressions of Halo Infinite were a bit rough, the developers can at least see the funny side of it all.

In other Halo Infinite news, 343 Industries character director recently explained how when it came to Halo Infinite, they settled on the standard difficulty first and then scaled up or down from that point to create the other difficulty levels.