The Last of Us Part 1 slammed with negative reviews on PC, Naughty Dog responds to issues

It’s not looking good for PC players.

Image via Naughty Dog

The PC port for The Last of Us Part 1 was released earlier today and shortly afterward followed a wave of negative reviews on Steam. This remastered version of the PlayStation classic created by Naughty Dog made its way to the PlayStation 5 last year, with massive praise for its improvement over the original, standing at an overall Metacritic score of 88. But the PC version has a different welcoming.

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In just a few hours, thousands of negative reviews have been posted on Steam, with one user saying that The Last of Us Part 1 is “the single worst PC port I have ever seen.” Another player wrote, “to say this game runs poorly is an understatement.” Players have posted in droves about how they are having issues with performance in the game despite having the recommended PC specs and that it has crashed for them multiple times. With over 5000 reviews posted at the time of writing, more than 3200 of those are currently negative, giving The Last of Us Part 1 on Steam a Mostly Negative review rating.

Naughty Dog has reached out to its fans via Twitter, saying that they’ve heard the complaints and is investigating the issues.

Over the past few years, PlayStation has been slowly releasing its console first-party exclusive titles on PC. Not all of them have gone over smoothly, though. Games like Horizon: Zero Dawn and, most recently, Returnal have had their fair share of issues at launch, although nowhere near as extreme as the flack The Last of Us Part 1 has been receiving. Naughty Dog has said they are prioritizing updates, so these problems should hopefully be addressed soon.