The Last of Us Part I and Remastered sales spikes in the UK following TV show launch

You can’t keep a good game down.

Image via WarnerMedia

It’s only a few episodes in, but it’s clear that HBO’s The Last of Us series has been a hit so far with fans and newcomers to the series. This newfound love for the series will likely not surprise longtime fans or players, given the first game’s enormous critical and commercial success and, to this day, is still considered one of the best games the industry has produced. It’s easy to say that fans, particularly in the UK, want as much of The Last of Us as they can get.

GI.Biz has reported on the newest sales figure from GfK UK and has revealed that both The Last of Us: Remastered and the newly released PS5 version The Last of Us Part 1 have seen massive sales spikes over the last few weeks, with the former reaching No.32 in the charts with a 322% sales increase, and the latter with a 238% spike and reaching No.32 on the charts.

It makes sense considering how well the TV series has so far been received, and it’s likely that as the rest of the episodes are released, we’ll see these numbers increase each week steadily. It also shows that when companies like HBO respect and honor source material and involve the right people, in this case, the games creator Neil Druckmann, it can make an adaptation a better, more enjoyable experience for fans instead of being just another poorly executed cash-in. In turn, that will most likely lead to further sales of the source material, making everyone happy.

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The Last of Us isn’t the only game that’s seen some movement in recent weeks in the UK charts. The newly released Fire Emblem Engage has debuted at No.1 despite having 31% lower launch sales than its predecessor, Fire Emblem Three Houses, while FIFA 23 has fallen to second place with a dip of 21% in sales, and God of War: Ragnarok down to No.3 with a 26% drop. Other high risers included Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, with a 104% sale increase, Battlefield 2042, with 177%, and The Callisto Protocol, with 83%, thanks to significant discounts at stores and retailers.