The Medium has already made back its development costs

The Medium is off to a promising launch.

New gameplay video of The Medium shows off Marianne's unique powers, terrifying Maw encounter

Image via Bloober Team

The psychological horror The Medium has already made back its development costs, according to a Polish press release from developer Bloober Team. Given the game only just released earlier this week, that’s not too shabby.

Bloober Team is no stranger to horror, demonstrating their grasp of the genre with titles like Blair Witch and the Layers of Fear series. The press release from Bloober Team identified that sales of The Medium “covered the production and marketing costs” of the game, having issued that report only a few days after the official release of The Medium.

The Medium is a suspenseful, psychological horror that employs various points of view as its unique gameplay allure. Players can play the role of the main character Marianna, a medium living in two worlds: spiritual and physical. This dual-reality mechanic works well according to a number of players, truly making the game shine in a unique fashion.

The Medium is currently available on the new Xbox Series X/S platform, along with PC. Also, if you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, you can nab it from there as well. However, The Medium is not available for the Xbox One due to technical limitations.