The next Lost Ark update, Vykas, is not coming this Thursday

The next challenging raid won’t be coming this week.

Image via Smilegate RPG

Lost Ark players were expecting to hear some news of the next Legion Raid (and June update) this week after it was stated that the update would hit sometime in mid-June. Many fans believed this meant the raid would come out this Thursday, June 16, as this date would place the update in the middle of the month.

Unfortunately, Community Manager Roxx confirmed that the update would not arrive on Thursday in a post questioning the lack of communication about the upcoming update. In her post, Roxx stated: “Unfortunately we are not clear to share a release date yet. As soon as we can, we will let you all know. This week’s patch will not include the June update.”

Roxx also clarified that Vykas is still slated to release some time in June, although she did not state whether or not this release would be next week on June 24 or in two weeks on June 30. She stated the update should come in the “next few weeks,” which may imply a release in July as well.

Some fans are annoyed at the lack of communication, with some citing the roadmap released for June and July where Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games owned up to some of their communication failings, saying, “We wanted to acknowledge frustrations in the community and ensure that it’s an ongoing area of conversation between our teams and a focus of ours to improve. Our goal is to always clearly communicate changes, but on both the April and May updates we’ve fallen a little short.”

Regardless, we’ll have to wait a little longer to challenge the next Legion Raid. Until then, it seems like Lost Ark might have something of a bot problem that the devs might be looking to address. This also gives you plenty of time to tackle the Challenge Guardian raid and pick up the Opportunity Isle Island Token.