The Pokémon Company beginning to distribute Zarude codes for Sword and Shield

Stop monkeying around and add this mythical Pokémon.

Screengrab via The Pokémon Company

Originally exclusive to those who’ve pre-ordered movie tickets for Pokemon the Movie: Secret of the Jungle, codes for mythical Pokémon Zarude are now reportedly being sent out by The Pokémon Company – at least, in Europe.

Late last year, The Pokémon Company offered a chance for Sword and Shield players to earn a free level 60 Zarude simply by signing up for the Pokémon Trainers Club newsletter by December 18. After almost a month, those in Europe are claiming to be receiving an email with a code allowing them to download the dark and grass-type monkey.

According to this email, these codes will only be valid until March 31 — so it’s doubtful subscribers in other regions will have to wait much longer. As for the Pokémon itself, Zarude is said to come with four moves: Close Combat, Power Whip, Swagger, and Snarl, as well as the Leaf Guard ability.

The ongoing distribution of codes comes almost a year after Zarude was revealed in the debut trailer for Pokémon Sword and Shield’s expansion pass. As it’s obviously going to one of the rarest to date, players shouldn’t forget the Pokémon can also be transferred to Pokémon Home for safekeeping and possible usage in future games.