The Pokémon Company Releases Majestic Magikarp Pool Floaty, And Fans Are Delighted

This massive Pokémon floaty has fans wanting to jump into the water and swim around with this Magikarp by their side.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Accessories for Pokémon products are a specialty of The Pokémon Company. If there’s an adorable Pokémon that fans love, chances are there’s going to be a plushie, bag, or hat that a fan can wear. The same goes for seasonal products, and there’s now a summer floaty of a Magikarp that fans can take with them to the pool.

This massive Magikarp floaty is now available in the Pokémon Center store, and fans can take it to the pool as they enjoy the summer sunshine. It’s as majestic as you’d imagine, but unfortunately, we don’t believe it’ll evolve into a Gyarados.

Fans Blown Away By Massive Magikarp Floaty

Image via Pokémon Center

The item was shared on the official Pokémon Twitter, showing it off, and they have it fully blown up and held up by someone. This floaty is a part of the Pokémon Summer Days collection and likely won’t be around for long, especially when fall arrives in a few months. Eager fans will want to jump on this product fast to add it to their collection.

In the promotional photo, it’s also unclear if the woman holding it is sitting down. If she’s standing, the actual size of this Magikarp floaty is immense, and it will draw eyes to any pool.

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Many fans commented to share their thoughts on this Pokémon product. Some have posted memes in response to it being a Magikarp product, typically seen as one of the weaker and less desirable Pokémon in the series. In contrast, others share the excitement of seeing it during the summer.

Despite being a rather large product, it’s going for $59.99 at the Pokémon Center, but that price might vary based on your location and how much it costs to ship to your home. Regardless, if you’re looking for a new summer pool accessory to add to your collection, the Magikarp floaty would be a good amount of fun, if anything, to see how well it can hold you up in the water, similar to an actual Magikarp.