The Sims 4 designer defends having no sequoias in Growing Together’s San Sequoia in a jokey rant

There’s nothing but one, tragic trunk left in this city.

Image via EA

During The Sims livestream on March 3, lead designer Grim Suru Doi discussed a deeply controversial topic amongst The Sims 4 design teams: the sequoias of San Sequoia. Or, as fans will notice once they start playing The Sims 4: Growing Together, the lack thereof. During the longer-than-two-hour stream, he went on a humorous rant about how no one should complain about the lack of sequoias in San Sequoia. There is one cut tree that denotes the city’s lore with the long-gone sequoias, and that should be enough. But is it?

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This isn’t the first time there’s been meme-y pushback for the “incorrect” titles of The Sims 4 expansion pack, either. For example, the same thing happened with Moonwood Mill, the werewolves pack, headed by Grim Suru Doi himself. He and the design team chose the name because they like alliterative names, but they didn’t exactly plan for a “mill” in their werewolf plans. So, in Moonwood Mill there is no mill, except one loading screen that says something to the effect “there once was a mill in Moonwood Mill.” While Grim Suru Doi likes the subtle lore the name gives the world, it’s become a joking point of contention since that alliterative meme spread to San Seqouia, too.

After discussing this design team controversy, Grim Suru Doi threatened that if he gets more complaints that the next pack will be “Chair Village” and be full of chairs. Of course, any The Sims 4 fan would be thrilled to play an inspiring new game pack with the coziest sofas and loungers. If popular Sims Youtuber LilSimsie gets involved, as she’s somewhat known for unique home-build concepts, fans could even have a chair-shaped, chair-themed home sooner rather than later.